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Don Fishback has been in the financial service market as a
broker for more than 20 years. Soon after entering the finance
business Don moved away from the brokerage side to the analysis
side where he really wanted to be. Don became the Director of Research at the nation's largest options-only research boutique. In 1993, Don left that position to start his own company that focus’ strictly on volatility.

During his first decade as a trader and analyst, he was introduced to a strategy that had an extremely high probability of profit. Don wanted to understand the mathematical reason for the extraordinary success. It was then that a friend of Don’s uttered the words that changed my life and ushered in a period of groundbreaking research. Don’s friend Pete said, "It has something to do with that bell curve thing." From that point forward, Don has used his mathematical skills to discover unique and profitable trading systems. Don’s research has produced some of the most important findings in the options market today.






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